Winning Dow Signals
Simply the most profitable signals in trading!

What we do

Winning Dow Signals provides a clear and precise signal service for busy people.

For those of you who are unable, or do not want to spend hours tied to your pc every day, but still want a service that will give you fantastic results, month after month, then Winning Dow Signals is exactly what you have been looking for. We provide trading signals that produce excellent results.

Our strategies are proven in all market conditions and performance has been consistent over a number of years:

2007 = 6,303 points profit
2008 = 5,486 points profit
2009 = 19,861 points profit
2010 = 20,005 points profit
2011 = 24,395 points profit
2012 = 19,638 points profit
2013 = 21,327 points profit
2014 = 18,946 points profit
2015 = 73,565 points profit
2016 = 81,474 points profit
2017 = 62,815 points profit
2018 = 52,615 points profit

Our signals are sent twice daily around 2pm and 9pm and once set require very little monitoring by you, leaving you to get on with your life!

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